The almost entirely pictoral fursuit tutorial

I'm a visual sort of person. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought it might be easier on me, and still quite useful to all of you, for me to just take lots and lots and lots of photos as I make a fursuit.

Some of the photos kind of suck. I am not very good with a camera, though I'm learning.

Most of them have captions, but none of them have instructions. If there's something that really is confusing you, you can always e-mail or IM me with questions, I don't mind. But I figure a lot of pictures is a pretty good way to start. You'll need to be familiar with a little basic sewing, and know how to make a duct tape dummy, which subject I don't cover here, but everything else I do when making a fursuit is pictured.

The suit I'm making in this tutorial should end up looking something like this concept drawing.

Beginning the head
Eyes, ears, noses, etc.
Shaping the head with foam
Putting fur on the head
Making hand paws
Making foot paws
Really basic tail making
Making a bodysuit
The finished product

Supplies needed:
Fake fur (about 5 yards)
Open cell sheet foam
Polyfill stuffing
Plastic canvas
Fun foam sheets
Fake leather
Crayola Model Magic
An 18-20" heavy-duty zipper
Sew-on velcro
Acrylic paint
Heavy duty thread (for hand sewing)
All purpose thread (for the sewing machine)
A pair of slippers
Two small nuts and bolts
Two small rubber bands
Four brads

Tools needed:
Sewing machine
Tapestry needed
Colored permanent markers
Paintbrush Hot glue gun